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Bringing Humanity to Everyone

In any human disaster, our first response is to meet the survival needs, that is, the basics a person needs to stay alive.

However, food and medicine are not the only basic needs of a person. We need to tend to mental health; provide stability; to bring hope. 

This is the goal of the Morale squad: to provide a sense of normalcy to those victims of the Russian full-scale invasion.

You can learn more about some of our activites below.

Yellow and Blue hearts and stripes


Pen Pal Ukraine

In partnership with Brazilian news Joca - a magazine made by and for kids and teens, we are starting a pen-pal project, for kids to write to each other, exchange culture, and make new friends!


Christmas Kherson Oblast

In partnership with Road to Relief, we delivered toys and candy to children and adults in several villages in Kherson Oblast, near temporarily occupied territories. 


Christmas Kharkiv Childrens Hospital

In partnership with Hugs, we delivered toys, books, and sweets to children at the Children's hospital in Kharkiv. 


Activity Day in Kharkiv

In partnership with Church XXXXXXXXX, in Lutsk, Volyn Oblast, we purchased toys, sweets, and books for the spring activities planned by the Church. 


New Years BBQ

For New Year's Eve, we cooked delicious barbecue for barricade personnel, delivering it around Kherson City and bringing joy, warmth and a great meal to those defending Ukraine.


Pizza Day

We delivered 30 pizzas to the men from Border Control from Kharkiv, who night and day defend the northern border against the Russian Federation.

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